Can we say... PROM!

So this weekend was PROM!
I went with one of my friends, Peter. He asked me to prom on an orange (i can't find the picture). simple, but cute :)
Actual prom itself is pretty overrated, but the getting ready and pictures and "afterparty" parts are very very fun :)
so. I've come to share some photos with you.

I was going to wear my hair like this, but I thought maybe it was a little much, yeah? ;)

Ha, our friend Kari insisted that Peter and I hug again... and.. it was just.. terribly awkward and funny.

The beautiful girls in the group!!
They were all stunning

Alright now... I don't think we got a single one of these photos to turn out... those three boys to the right (no suprise) were messing it all up (and also the fact the girls didn't know what to do with our hands/arms)... but it turned out to give some very entertaining photos!

One of my best friends, Amy.
Isn't she beautiful?

Inside the limo.. woohoo!

(that's us! in the middle) Walking to the limo...

My wonderful, beautiful parents :)

And.. my date, Peter and I.

It was all very very very enjoyable!!


Thumper said...

haha Love his socks :)

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmm you look so pretty :D