Tax free is so nice!

Guess what this weekend is---TAX FREE WEEKEND!
At least it is in my town.
And what did this mean for me?
No taxes on school supplies!!
Oh wait... and my graduation present...

What did you get Chelsea??

I got....


My very own.
brand spankin new.
Macbook Pro (13 in.)

Just look at it!

And look at that. That's me!

Ha, but for real, we got there at 8 am this morning, and waited in line for about 3 hours, it was pretty ridiculous. But worth it.
I'm very thankful for this wonderful gift!

And oh yeah, did I mention I leave in about a week?

Have a spectacular day!


Harris said...

en. vee. ous. leaving where?

wv - dempi

ViS!T0R said...

so flippin' awesome!!!