Ah, lots to blog about...
Lake trip, getting ready to move... what? getting ready to move!?
Yeah, Saturday I'm going down for my best friend/cousin's (Mary-John, of course!) going away party... and then Sunday I move in! AH!

But that's really not why i posted...
I just found something really interesting!
You can see how many views you get on your blog!
Obviously, you don't see who, but you can see how many, so that's pretty cool.
It's under the "stats" tab.
It's encouraging.
I talked to my friend Jennifer about this, how it sometimes feels like you're writing to nobody.
You feel like no one sees it... but aha! IT'S NOT TRUE!

Well, anyways... I should be packing.

Have an absolutely wonderful day.

Oh, and we're at it, here, have some pictures:

It's from the Ballerina Project, aren't they beautiful?

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