I forgot what I was going to blog about......shoot!
well.... how bout some pictures?

this is overwhelmed:

This is i-just-got-the-flu-shot-try-and-mess-with-me-and-my-bugs-bunny-bandaid:

I really wish I could remember what I was going to write about.
I have an English paper due on Monday... I hate research papers. Have I ever said that?
I literally hate them with a passion and am completely incapable of writing a decent research paper. Ok maybe not, but I still absolutely despise them.
And then I have to read psychology... and then study for my math test (let's just say I need to make a very good grade on this one!!).. and a chemistry quiz. man. But.
We can do it--eeeasy.
Something about writing those papers is just...eeeegh.

I still don't remember what I was going to write about... what a shame.

Praying that the baby comes while I'm home!


Thumper said...

Oh Psychology... I'm taking that this semester. Online. Probably not my best idea.

AJ said...

I hate papers too. I have an irrational fear of white blank pages. I've discovered that if I write the title and a couple sentences or a paragraph, and then come back and finish it later, it really helps. So first it's like "oh I don't have to write a whole paper, just a paragraph. That's easy." Then later I just have to finish it, and I'm not staring at an intimidating blank page. I dunno, it's what works for me...

P.S. That's quite a bicep you've got there.

Harris said...

You been workin' out?