Weak Sauce..

I'm having a weak moment.... and i _really_ want to reactivate my Facebook at this moment. BUT. I am writing a paper... that's due at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. So I can't do this. I deleted it for this very purpose, that when I got to this point in writing, I wouldn't be wasting 2 minutes here and there checking Facebook which ends up adding up to hours that I could have spent on perfecting this paper!!
So instead, I've come to waste a few minutes on blogging.
Things to be happy about at this moment:

-In less that 24 hours I will be with my BEST FRIEND! war eagle baby.
-I got an A on my last English paper.
-I ran 1 1/2 miles in 12 minutes 4o seconds
-I started volunteering today
-I straightened my hair
-I'm registered for next semesters classes
-I get to Skype with August and River tomorrow!
-I am so beyond blessed, even when I take it for granted, God is still so good.

oh and Aunt Lois made homemade bread for me. it's absolutely delicious. yum.

haha... oh my what's with this blue underlined mess? i have no idea...
But here... have some pictures. of me. (how vain, I know... but I'm the only one in this lonely study room!)

Chowin down on some goodness.

Comic Book style thumbs up

thermal image.
i'm cold.
and apparently that wall behind me is very hot.

Have an absolutely wonderful day!


emily j said...

Chelsea...i love your blog. always. love. it...!

Harris said...

you look pretty durn cute in straight hair.

Amy said...

I can always count on Harris to compliment the ladies. :)

Where are you volunteering? And i miss seeing you!