deactivation (say in robot voice!)

So I deleted (or technically..."deactivated") my Facebook for a little while...
It just needed to go.
I'd been saying forever that I was just going to get rid of Facebook..
so the other night I finally just did it!
It felt so nice!
And it really is amazing (and sad) how much I got on Facebook and now how much more time i have to say... oh i don't know, work on my English paper that's due Friday.
Anyways. Because I knooooow you (the thousands that read this blog) will all miss me sooo entirely much (i hope you're sensing the sarcasm here) I will be reactivating it soon... I just needed a good break. :)
I hope you all have a lovely day!

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Harris said...

here here (or is it hear hear?) for non-facebookers!