Small words

He makes a beautiful point. "What did you and God talk about today?"
Such a simple question, but something about it struck me.
I know that's a very common way to think about it, but I rarely say the words out loud.
"I talked to God today."
It's a beautiful picture of a wonderful relationship. God comes through my mind throughout the day in many different ways. I see his beauty and his work all around, and he is just so evident in my life. If I'm seeking a closer relationship with him then shouldn't I talk to him more than I do? And I mean really talk. I should just talk to him about my struggles, my joys, my decisions in life. I need to read and reread his letters to me (through His Word). I need to appreciate his love. Appreciate his gifts and blessings. Appreciate HIM! Get to know him as I would a close friend. Love him as a friend, sacrifice as I would for one I love. We read, we pray, but too often we neglect to build that close relationship with him. He is with us no matter what, and he always gives us strength... but there is just something about that intimacy with our savior. We tend to get so caught up in the world and life and then only give God our leftovers. But why does our dear God, Savior, Creator, Lover, Friend, this magnificent being receive that from us?? He deserves the firstfruits! He deserves the best. He deserves our first good morning, our first thought, he deserves our praises. He deserves the best but for some reason he gets the worst. But he takes it; not because he deserves it, not because he settles, but because he loves us. You want a romantic story of true love? Look at God. The purest, truest, deepest love that exists. He's willing to take less than he deserves because he loves his children. We are his children, He is our father. We belong to him. We are his and He is ours. Doesn't that sound beautiful? Our Father. Think about our parents on this earth. They deserve respect, honor, kindness, love, but that's not always what they get. Yet no matter what, they still love us and are always there for us. It's a kind of love that some people don't understand until they have children of their own. God loves us with an everlasting, unconditional love. Unconditional, another wonderful thought. "not subject to any conditions." No requirements. None. It's difficult to fully grasp a love like that, and honestly, we can never fully grasp it. So what reason do we have for not working on that intimate relationship with God? Yeah I can't think of a good reason either. Only good will come from this strong relationship. And through that, our other relationships on this earth will flourish and grow stronger.

Some people don't realize how much of an impact just a few small words can have on someone. We are to "walk as children of light." People should see God shining through us in every action, every word, everything we do. One of the best ways of teaching is through example. We can be a light in a dark world. So go out and love one another as He loved us.

So incredibly blessed :)

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