So I'd say today was a very good and productive day!!
I woke early, got dressed and ready for the day.
I ran a few errands, and then it was back to the house for clean up.
I folded clothes, cleaned, straightened up the house, 
then off to the grocery store for dinner!

I don't know what came over me, but I liked it.
It was just this massive urge to cook and bake and bake some more. 
Unfortunately, time doesn't always permit a ton of baking in so few hours.
But for dinner I made chicken parmesan, pasta, and green beans.

Then I decided to make banana bread.
I mixed several different recipes and it now sits in the oven.. so hopefully it turns out!
(it smells good!)

While doing all of this I was so content and happy.
And then I could just imagine all of this PLUS a husband and children running around.
I was so happy in the moments today, but in the future it would make me ten times happier to have all the people around and sometimes the chaos that comes along with that.
I just love it.
I can be very okay with that.

Part of the cooking process...yeah buddy!!

(it's always weird when photobooth reverses your pictures)

I hope you did something today that made you happy. 

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