If y'all would please pray for two people at my school.

The first girl is a senior and last friday she was in a majorly awful accident.
They're not quite sure what happened, but they think she swerved to miss an animal and overcorrected. So she's broken her leg and arm, in several places I think, punctured one of her lungs, the seatbelt cut her small intestine, and she will have to have reconstructive surgery on the right side of her face. I believe she's still unconcious. Her family fosters many children, and currently one of the newer foster children is having their own medical issues, so this family has been at the hospital enough. Thank God she is alive. But please, please pray for her and her family.

The second, is a boy that is in my grade (sophemore) was upstairs with his dad watching tv, and when he walked downstairs, he found his mom on the floor. I think she was already dead by the time he found her, but he still tried to give her CPR. I just can't imagine how terrible that would be... They're not quite sure what happened to her, but they are thinking either she choked or had a heart attack. It has to be just so so hard on him and his family.. So pray for him also.

These terrible things happen everyday, but sometimes when it happens to people we know it hits closer to home.. But we just have to trust in God to bring us through the trials, and He can.

So keep them in your prayers please.

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