To all who do not know yet....

J.D. and Katie are expecting a baby!!!!!!!!

I've wanted to tell so badly, but we were suppose to keep it a secret. And so I did. It was hard not to tell my closest friends.. but I did it.

And so, my brother is going to be a Dad.
That is so weird to me... I'm going to be an aunt and Jordan and Caleb are going to uncles.
Odd. very very odd.

I'm so happy for them!!!

I think they will be great parents.
Add them to your prayers too, because right now they're going through some issues with Katie's godson. Right now they are taking care of him because he has a rough family and they just feel like he shouldn't go through this.
But so far everything is going well, and the baby is due, Lord willing, in late September.
It looks like they're following the paths of my parents :)

Parents: Mama is 15 months older than Daddy
JD & Katie: Katie is 15 months older than JD.

Parents: Became pregnant 3 months after they got married.
JD & K: Became pregnant 5 months after they got married.

And we'll see how it goes!

It was a beautiful day outside today!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!... aaaaa that makes me want to be an aunt all the more..... how exciting!!!!!!!

Amy said...

What?!! Hooray for a future niece or nephew!!
I'm jealous.

Max-Frederick said...

It's so crazy!
Maybe Alisa will have a baby someday!:)