1. I've decided to do this on a blog because I'm not so sure I want all of my facebook friends reading these...

2. My mind just went blank.

3.My worst fear is that i will never find that love and get married and be pregnant and have a big family of my own...

4. ...If that does happen, I want a big family and have a house on a lot of land

5. When I'm by myself, I'm weird. I dance like there's no tomorrow and sing and talk.....and if you walk in on this event, you may just be scarred for life (and yeah, if y'all read whitt's i basically stole this one from her)

6. Someday I'd like to be fluent in another language... Spanish or French...but I think Spanish would be more helpful in the longrun.

7. I often wonder what it would be like if I had never moved to Tennessee, if we had stayed in Alabama...Where would we live? What would I be like? What would my relationships (with my friends) be like? I think about this constantly, and wonder if it would have been better or worse...but since I will never know, I realize still how incredibly blessed I am... If we hadn't moved my brother JD would never have met his wife, I wouldn't have (some) of the friends i have, or my mom wouldn't have her amazing job.

8. My mom has an amazing job.

9. I wish I could stop time when I'm with all my best friends, just so nobody would have to leave and we could stay there being with each other forever...

10. I absolutely love getting emails from people, and I love even more when I get a letter in the mail.

11. I'm terrible at giving advice, but I still love to listen to you and it makes me feel SO good when you can trust me to tell me your thoughts or secrets. I love to be told things. I'm a good secret keeper.

12. I really like looking at people's lips.. okay, that sounds so weird, but I love seeing all the differrent colors and shapes of lips, it's just so fascinating...

13. It makes me so happy when people tell me about a new artist they found, or when I find new music. And when I get new music, I tend to listen to them over and over again.

14. I have never flown in an airplane. And because of that, they scare me SO badly...but someday I will have to get over this and fly. I'm looking forward to that day.

15. It's hard to get started, but I love the feeling you get after you've accomplished a task... for example, cleaning the house!

16. I absolutely LOVE the smell of the detergent aisle. I will sometimes walk past it at the store and have to turn around and walk through the aisle [slowly] to enjoy the scents...it's just so fresh.

17. I love cooking/baking, although I hardly ever cook, which is sad because I wish I cooked more often........(so if you have any suggestions or recipes feel free to give them to me :D)

18. I'm almost completely convinced that I will have to marry a man who is similar to my dad. Someone who can build and construct and work with his hands. A man who likes to work hard or work outside...do you know what i'm trying to say? I don't think I could stand being with a man who has to wake up at 5 put on a suit and get home at 9. That would bother me.

19. And on that note, (my cousins all love this too) we love the smell of dirt or when our dad's come home from working all day :)
And I like when guys have rough hands.

20. Okay enough about the males. I like to talk to people. Wait. That's NOT the right way to put it... I'm shy. Yes. complete opposites, I know... But I'm shy around either large groups or when I don't know the people/person that well. If I'm comfortable around you, I will not be so quiet anymore. Ask mj, whitt, or maggie....they'll tell you.

21. I love music and drawing.

22. I need to do homework.

23. I am officially 90 pounds. (according to the scale)

24. My feet smell after wearing shoes.

25. I do push-ups.

26. I love strawberries

27. I'm not stopping now!

28. I feel like I need to make up for the last 6 numbers because they were so short and meaningless, so to equal out, I'll put more than 25.

29. Me and my cousins are so close, it scares me sometimes. You would be terrified.

30. I want to be able to do the splits.

31. For Mary-John- "I LOVE RUNNING!" (hey girlth)

32. Okay, so I forgot to mention my brothers... I'm terrible at these things..

33. I love being around my brothers because when all of us are together it's crazy..mainly just the three of them, but they're always goofing off. and there's usually picking up or throwing very very large pillows at me :)

34. I always laugh at the little things Jordan does...even when he's not really trying to be funny... I laugh SO hard.

35. Me and JD have good fake fights... it's so much fun

36. Me and Caleb used to have daydreams of things riding to school every morning. Like one time we were stuck in traffic and we were thinking about how awesome it would be to ramp over the cars and then drive on the roof and then just drive through the halls to our classes...(except imagine this much more dramatically)

37. I love looking at the stars.

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beatrice said...

this was grrreat! (cheesiness intended) about the splitz or splits or however its spelled, i've always wished i could do a front flip in the air like cheerleaders and gymnasts. it looks sooo great! you know, where you're just runnin along and then suddenly you jump and WHOM!! you flip over and land of your feet! exiting! oh ya and i got some recipes you might like, or try goin to real simple.com, they have a gigantic recipe file online.