Green Thumbs.

The other day I planted some seeds.
I tell you what, there's something that makes one feel so accomplished after gardening. But not only just the garden part, but when the seed starts to sprout up, then grow taller, then blooms, and shows the beauty of this Earth that God gave us..
I planted:
-a giant pumpkin. that's right. a gian pumpkin. (seeds)
-carrots! (for some reason i'm extra excited about the carrots)
-lots of herbs
-and i feel like something else.....................I can't rememebr,
but I'm hoping they turn out alright.

Gardens can be hard work, but then they become beautiful. and it can be a good workout ;)

Beautiful day to yoU!


Saura Lnow said...

I saw "pumpkins" and my first thought was the Cinderella pumpkin carriage =)

Johnnie said...

remember our accidental pumpkin garden?

beatrice said...

i looove the way my hands smell after gardening!!

(btw this is claire...just so you know i'm not a stalker or anything. your new furniture looks great from the yard. ;) my blog is tohearwitheyes.blogspot.com...you should def come on over)

Whitney said...

Wah! I want to garden with you...
I confess. I'm a gardening convert. I used to hate it. Then for school, well, you know the story!

Can't wait to eat some of yo' goodness!

Johnnie said...

haha, whit, i remember the days of "garden club" or whatever it was you and rachel did that y'all "HATED" until you had this gleam in your eye...and would sort of look away everytime you joked with her about it... :)

Max-Frederick said...

Oh I know the exact look, Johnnie...at least she will admit it!!