Blog Insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So on our way to and from Alabama there were a bazillion potential blog posts going through my mind..............but, alas, I cannot remember them....
It's very sad, because I was thinking, Oh! that would be a good one! and I could post pictures for this one! and now blah bah blah blah blah, you get the picture, we all have those days.

Whitney's blog inspires me.......the music. I love the music......I might add some, too.....so that you can jam out while reading my silly posts...wouldn't you enjoy that? It would make the blog much more welcoming, dont you think? It's all about what the readers like, (well...I have to like it too..) but I want to make y'all as comfortable as possible. I'll work on that. :)

I have a French test to study for, so I'll be posting more hopefully!!!

(I just want to go insane with the posts!!!)


Johnnie said...

no!!!! please don't put a music player on your blog. because EVERY TIME i go to ellie's or whitney's blog, I'll click on comments or pictures (to enlarge) and then when i go back it starts over again, and i could turn the volume down, but that always stinks...especially if i'm already listening to pandora or something. just my opinion. ;)

Whitney said...

hey johnnie, just STOP the player...:D

Johnnie said...

yeah, well everytime i come back to the page it starts over!!


i do like your blog though. :)

Max-Frederick said...

fine then.
I'll take it off of autoplay!!


thanks yous guys :)