Folding Fitted Sheets

Funny title, but true that it's SO difficult.

As of today, Monday, April 6, 2009, school has decided to take off a week in honor of spring.

Who knows why?

Not really sure about that.... but boy are we thankful for spring breaks.

Ours is very late this year, but it sure came at a good time...

Not that we were really doing anything productive at the moment anyways, but now I can sleep in and go to bed late and...and.....work on projects. fun. (but that's partly my fault)

My parents' 30 year reunion was this weekend, and so we headed south for that, where i was dropped off and they "partied" and reunited with their fellow classmates all weekend.


There's so much random junk I want to talk about...

Just complete randomness..

Jordan chased down a guy that had his stolen bike.
His bike was stolen 6 months ago, and he couldn't stop thinking about.. it was well deserved to get back.

Spring break decided it would turn cold on us. It snowed. yep. snow. flurries.
BUT it is warming up.
hopefully Saturday at the lake will be a beautiful day! :)

Uh, I'm writing poetry for school... poetry can be a beautiful thing.

I need to clean my room. badly.

I swam 4 laps at the pool yesterday, then started feeling nauseous. I hadn't eating in a couple hours... (and i'm out of shape)
I was actually super dissappointed in myself, because this summer when I went to work with mj, and being at the lake i had gotten up to 16 laps... It's a good incentive to go swimming more often!

And now. I have to go see if the cats have food.

Oh and a side note, i'm wearing my favorite green on green striped sweater!


Saura Lnow said...

Haha I dislike folding fitted sheets with a passion.....actually folding sheets not the post ...I like the post =)

Anonymous said...

did you wear that sunday night??it was cute..

Whitney said...