(said in a male voice pretending to be a girl)

"Oh I saw a flower today and it made me smile"

"These clouds make me sooo happy, they make me think of butterflies, and rainbows, and unicorns, and cotton candy, and... (etc.)"

Jordan Pritchett's take on girl's blogging.


Have a great day!!
(and hopefully there will be more posts soon! sorry, i been slackin!)


elliebird said...

Haha, he's about right. :)
But maybe he just hasn't read the right ones.

Saura Lnow said...

he's not far off about the flower part .... unicorns are a bit much though :)

Ethne said...

guys, it's true.
he's totally dead-on.

chelsea rebecca said...

bahahahahahahha. this totally made me laugh. too funny.

ViS!T0R said...


Amy said...

I am a girl.
And I agree with Jordan.
But...is exploding with sunshine such a bad thing?

ViS!T0R said...

Its not bad.
Nun of it is bad.
Its just fun to watch.