Well folks,
I've had a good run here on blogspot.com
But i have to break the news....
I am no longer going to blog.
I'm deleting it.
I know you'll miss me (haha)
but it's for the best,
I cannot tell you the exact reason now,
but maybe someday later I'll be able to explain.
For now....


Have you played any good tricks on your friends??

Now to my real post........ :)

Oh these trees....
Heavy with white and pink blossoms,
budding all bright and green.
But most of all,
the rainy weeping willow trees.
The prettiest, flowing, brightest green branches..
my favorite :)
"rain trees" as i used to call them.
Everything, absolutely everything is beautiful.
Flowers are sprouting from the ground, the trees are blooming,
the grass is GREEN, and the weather is warm.
Thank you God for all these moments :)

I've been slack on my posting, i know, i know...
My wisdom will be gone tomorrow.
Ok... maybe just my wisdom teeth..
aaaahhh.. i'm nervous...
I've never had to have an IV before,
not to mention the possibility of a dry socket or infection...
But the good news is....

{for me at least :D}

{image via google}

have a great day!!!!!!!!


Whitney said...

you fooled me...i had my phone in my hand to call you and be all in yo bidness, like "WHAAAAAA???? WHY?!?!?"
and then i scrolled down.


Saura Lnow said...

I wold have been so upset... if I hadn't read Ellie's post already(although she hasn't said april fools yet) ...and seen Whitney's facebook status... I'm immune now :)

Hair-Bo said...

Yeah. You got me good. And yes. Everything is so GREEN! The colors are so vivid! GO SPRING!!!

wv - couti