PROM '10!!!

I can't dance...
But getting ready, and before and after prom (I think) were more fun
than the actual prom itself.. don't get me wrong.
it was still FUN!
...but just not like I imagined.

So here's some pictures!
SO much fun!

My heeeer (hair)
Done by the phenominal hair stylist... aka my sister, Katie!!
(she's AMAZING.)

Did I mention Katie also made the skirt which went under my dress.. which is the colorful tulle underneath the dress... and the bow around my waist, and little bow in my hair...
Thank goodness for her!!

Ok... so how do we take this picture... um.... awkward???

Boutonniere... toughie.

Me and Amy!!
{yes she is wearing metallic silver hi-tops!}

Silly Faces!!

So there's my post for the day.
It was hailing so hard today.
And this weather is SERIOUSLY bipolar!!!

Have a great day!!


Anonymous said...

haha. I love this. I wore chuck taylors to my senior prom a few years back. :)

chelsea rebecca said...

AH!!! HOW FUN!!!
i love your dress!!
you look beautiful and OH SO CUTE!
and your hair is just wonderful!
a party trolley?? i wish i had one! THATS AWESOME!
oh prom! makes me wish i had one to go to. or at least a place to get all fancy and dance dance dance! haha.
and her shoes remind me of when i wore pink high tops last year to prom!

Saura Lnow said...

Your hair is super amazing... Katie rocks as a hair stylist!
and the dress is really great :)
I love it!

And speaking of bipolar weather...it's like 50 degrees here...I'm not impressed

Whitney said...


Hair-Bo said...

Sistah, no joke about the weather. BIPOLAR like CRAZY. And please tell that guy I said his hair rocks.

wordverification - waliou

Nasada said...

HA....thats funny I just asked Amy today if she knew...........*ahem*

you look stunning.Kind of funny...everybody says that.
Its true.Really......um...this cant get any sappier.Or can it?

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You look very 40's-esque in the third picture. Beautiful.