Do you call them Fireflies or Lightning Bugs?
...I call them lightning bugs.
And, is it just me, or does there seem to be even more this year than the last?
I personally love them.
I walked downstairs the night before last and looked out the front door.
There they were.
It seemed like there were hundreds of them!
All lighting up, then fading away....light up!.......fade away...
It was absolutely beautiful :)


elliebird said...

fireflies. lightening bugs.

either or.

yes! we passed a field the other day (kind of like the one in the picture of mj in the red sweater)and there were THOUSands (NOT exaggerating) of them just...being.

Hannah said...

Lightening bugs is the country way of saying it..............the correct way. I love that you put them in a Mason jar. You poked holes in the lid so they could breathe, right?

Max-Frederick said...

Actually.... I wish that could have been my picture..but it wasn't. One day, one of these days I will do that, and yes, i'll remember to poke holes so they can breathe! the country way... i like it :)

Thousands!! I believe it ellie!