The Widow Tree.

The Widow Tree.
I like to believe that this tree here below
Was a Husband and Wife.
They grew up together,
they grew strong.
Together, they made the perfect tree.
A tree which held so many memories.....
far too many to even begin.
But this beautiful marriage tree has brought countless smiles to children's faces..
so many family pictures.
just. memories.
It was one of the oldest and coolest trees in this dear old neighborhood.
This is it now.
Now it is just the Widow Tree..
and I'm afraid without her old partner, she won't last very long...
It's just not the same...
I know you may think, "oh shut up, it's just a tree"
but it defined our back yard..
my favorite tree..


Saura Lnow said...

A tree like that... man... it reminds me of the tree that was turned into the wardrobe that led to Narnia... poor Widow Tree

Hair-Bo said...

sniff sniff.... sniff................sniff........
Widow Tree. Mine heart is with thee. This is great story material. You should write a little short story about the Widow Tree. And Illustrate it with your awesome arrow drawing skills.

elliebird said...

this makes me sad :-/