I like trees....
I like to draw....
So it's no suprise, that when I get bored during school
(oh no, of course it's not when I should be paying attention!)
I open up my school planner....
and begin to draw...
This trend of drawing a new tree each week began in October.
It lasted until May.
So here's the outcome of this:

(I had to constantly remind myself to study...as you can see)

Apparently my philosophy was if I make it pretty, I'll remember...
(didn't always work)
So...Hope you enjoy this little....something.

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Saura Lnow said...

Holy cheese crackers these are fun :D
when is your 2011 calendar coming out? ;)

chelsea rebecca said...

mmmkay this is seriously incredible!!!
i love all the doodles! i used to do that too in my agenda!
but these are so much better than what i did! so cool!

Katie said...

The third row from the top, all the way to the left, is my fav. I love the leaves floating away.

ViS!T0R said...

Hey thats my name!! :D

Whitney said...

goodness. goodness.

i think you're my ridiculously talented cousin.

yeah. yep. you are.
that's crazy.
I still don't believe it.