Bet's on.

What bet, you ask?

I'll explain.

While talking to my dear maggie on Gtalk (which is awesome btw),
somehow we got onto the subject of what time I would get there and one thing let to another and now....We've got a bet going on.

Here's the bet:

Maggie's side: Chelsea will be on the Blevins' front porch AFTER 6:35 on January 30, 2009.

Chelsea's side: Chelsea will be on the Blevins' front porch BEFORE 6:35 on January 30, 2009

Now if you know the Tennessee Pritchett's history on travel times at all, then you know we are ALWAYS late, NEVER ever on time (hence the always late part).
So this is incentive to arrive WAAAAAAAY before it starts.
I'm pumped.
You see, I think we usually just take our sweet time, actually, our PARENTS usually take they're time, and then we remember we have to do something and then we end up leaving 3 hours later.
True story.
So after me and maggie's conversation i talked to my padre figure (as johnnie says) and he said its up to me when we leave. So i told him we needed to get everything ready thursday night (talk about preparation) and leave right after school on Friday.
AAAAAAAAAAAnd so we'll see how this goes!
I am determined to get there as early as possible so I can have more time with my dear sweet bestest friends in the entire world. :)

So I'll post about the results, even though the people that read this will already know!


...................get excited.


Margaret Mead said...

I'm excited

Max-Frederick said...


Johnnie said...

failure is in the air.

amelie said...

chelsea, my family has the exact same problem. when you said 3 hours late, you weren't joking. it happens.