What makes you happy on days like today?

As my best friend says, "i'm OBSESSED with blogging! It's so.....relaxing."

so......I've decided to post another one. obviously.


what makes you happy? surely you can think of something...

-The color YELLOW. you know it makes you happy. It's just so bright and joyful! except for stupid yellow boats (that was for you magz).

-Strawberries. "MMMM! deLECTable!!"


-Spring time

-Light flowy dresses (and skirts!)




-My best friends. :)

.................so those are only a FEW things...but you get the point.
what makes you happy? (hint, hint: comment. ;) )


Whitney said...

Oh here are a few:
*driving (well really riding) in the rain
*brightly colored furniture
*the sound of my daddy making coffee
*stacks of cds and records
*sunrise by myself
*REAL hugs
*long phone calls -- they rarely happen though :(
*the sound of cicadas in the south on a summer night
*the sound of all of my friends and family singing together

Margaret Mead said...

thanks max...I really do hate yellow boats......I'll resist ranting on why.....

Max-Frederick said...

anytime matthew ;)

Whitt- those are perfect examples of happiness and good memories.

Anonymous said...

om my goodness..... i love riding in the car in the rain... and in the house in the rain... it makes me feel cozy.....really cozy..

beatrice said...

- having the freedom to sleep in but not doing it because you dont need to because you got enough sleep anyway. this has never happened to me, so i'm not sure if it would make me happy or not. but i think it would.

- not having homework to do

- yellow. and shoes. i put these together because yellow shoes are nice also.

- making up funny words. like boosc!!! and whomm!! and splutrascillion.