I wish I had a more creative title.

If only I was so witty as to think up interesting and eyecatching titles.

You see, I was going to put simply, "Letters" but then I felt as if this was not enough and too bland.

But unless I'm going to talk about anything else, then I guess "Letters" would be an adequate title.



There is something so authentic about letters.

I was completely cleaning out my entire room (which is SUCH a great feeling of accomplishment by the way, and I say you should do it too!) and I found a box of old letters and notes and cards.

Most of the letters I'd gotten were from our dear friend Johnnie...and sometimes on occasion our other good friend Phil. :) (speaking of Phil, among the old cards was a birthday card from her, and it was adorable. she couldn't spell. it was cute....but hey, that was probably 10 years ago....anyways) So I open up some of the letters and start reading them... I laughed SO hard.

From what we said to each other to the funny pictures we drew. I don't see why anyone would ever throw away old letters from their best friends. Then after I read this...this feeling swept over me. I miss them. I miss my best friends. It's hard being far away, 163 miles in fact, away from your best friends. Gee. How'd I get on such a pessimistic roll?

On a happier note, all the letters reminded me of the good ole days :)

Now, recently, yesterday in fact, I received a very, VERY creative letter in the mail. (january 21)

Today I got another letter, very VERY colorful (january 22)

And today I got another letter in the mail... very VERY sweet... and all of these letters make me miss the senders. hopefully i'll see y'all soon!

If any of y'all have ever gotten anything in the mail (besides bills and whatnot) you know how wonderful it feels!

I mean, one gets a letter from their friend and it's to them. not to anyone else, just personally to them.

These days everyone is so caught up in the electronics, email, texting, facebooking (you know you do it too) We forget about how wonderful and great calling people or writing letters is.

There's something so.....authentic(? is that the word I'm looking for?) about letters.

They are also just much more personal,

with email, yes you can change the font and colors, but in letters you can go outside of the lines!!
okay... I really don't know where this is going. I've been writing little bits and then saving it, and then coming back, and repeat. so.
I just want to post this.

......aaaand my point is GO WRITE A LETTER!! :)

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