I like it when a guy wears suspenders...It's just simply.......hmm what's a good word I'm looking for:




-beautiful? (well, if the man's already beautiful it doesn't really matter... :D)

and I saw this

I just like it a whole lot, and I thought I'd share it with you :D

I hope y'alls memorial day was wonderful!


Saura Lnow said...

Cute guy, on a boat...Where's he from? We should move there...

.......maybe not, then I would really feel like a stalker

Whitney said...

Um. Just the model. I'll take one, please :D
I know! When I saw the "snap-off" I just about had a conniption. The boy is very...handsome :D

Whitney said...

Oh yeah. I forgot to say I'm completely with you on the suspender idea. Especially when it's done right! Like that...or the most recent post on Tec's blog.
Which, by the way, will just about make me cry it's so perfect!

Nasada said...


Johnnie said...

mm. yeah. he's, pretty. fine.