For You.

Maggie and Mary-John.
Margaret Mead and Johnnie.
Matthew and Charlie.

Whatever you may know them as, 
I would like to dedicate this post to them.

They are my cousins.
They are my best friends. 
Like sisters...and we're a little bit too close for comfort....but in a good way :)

But soon they won't be my little untraveled, unculturated (ok, so it's not a word...who cares) homeschooled fake people anymore.
They'll be sophisticated world travelers!!
When I first found out they were going to Greece and Turkey, immediate happiness swept over me. 
I mean, dude. It's Greece. Turkey's cool too...but especially Greece.
That's so amazing!!!
So anyways.....
They'll be off and leaving us for a while. 
It will be difficult for me to...function....without having the comfort of them being just a mere 3 hours away or just a call away. 
But seriously...I'll be thinking about y'all and praying for you. And I'll miss you so much!
Call me before you leave :)

....and call me when you get back. 

Or maybe I'll be there soon after you get back..but call me anyways.

I love you.

Be safe.

(and don't let those foreign boys flatter you and...well you know the rest.)



Johnnie said...

aw, chels. I sincerely love you.

We will miss you bunches and bunches! and are *expecting* to see our skinny little *junior* when we get back home!

(you. better. be. there.)

;) and don't worry, i'll be calling.

Nasada said...

whoa! when are yall leaving