What a week.

So Last week I wanted to blog about my week... well that didn't happen, don't ask me why, I'm horrible at time management.
So last week was the last "normal" non-exam week, and several events went on...such as....
Monday: Thespian (the official name for the theater kids) picnic! It was SOOO fun!
...There was a water balloon fight.....let's just say, it was intense :)
Thursday: Open Mic, which was awesome! We have so many talented people at our school...And
And one of my friends was in it, I'm absolutely in LOVE with his voice! (just sayin')
Friday: Thespian banquet!!!! Which was sooo fun! There were awards and results from the
election. You're looking at the new Junior representative for 09-10!
So basically, it doesn't sound like much, but it was just an overall great week.

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