Bum bum bum

I woke up this morning not feeling the best--a bit of a sore throat to be exact..
So on my way back home from dress rehearsal, i stopped by sonic and got some delicious food!!

Several things:
-a birthday is coming up very soon!
(saturday, to be exact!)
-I need to start gardening
-I had a very very fun weekend (but very short) weekend with my BEST friends (and cousins) in the world!!
-my niece is getting more and more cute and entertaining!!
(she'll be 6 months next week)
-pandora.com is the bomb

-there's a giveaway on
you should go and enter!
well... first you should follow her, she's really great!

And hopefully the weather will warm up before this weekend.

oh oh oh! and if any peeps are in Franklin,
Into the Woods
is March 18-20 (thursday-saturday)
and March 26-27 (Friday and Saturday)
all at 7 pm.

Have a FANTASTIC day!


chelsea rebecca said...

oh no! i hope you feel better! i know how crazy the week before a play is at franklin!! HOORAY for your birthday coming soon! so exciting!

Rachel said...

goodness, I love reading your little post, and yes, you have the best cousins, I miss you all.

........oooh summer is coming!!
I need to plant flowers too.

birthday, ooh yesss. =]

Hair-Bo said...

Get well soon, Fredy!

Silmi Sabila said...

Woohoo your blog is just...wonderful!