I took the ACT at school yesterday.

Ok, I know what you're thinking,
"The ACT!?! poor thing!!"
honestly.... I don't want to sounds like "oh ho i'm so good"
...but i'm confident that i did better than last time...

so... praying that I did as well as i think!

After the test, the whole junior class was stuck in the cafeteria (nothing against the cafeteria, it's a very nice one) for another hour or so.

There were many forged notes to leave...


we ended up just leaving...
and somehow 4 more people ended up in my car...
(the Grand Wagoneer!!)

So we went to Moe's
(i didn't have any money, so i ate the lunch my dad so kindly packed for me)
and then we decided we'd go to the mall.
It was quite the adventure..

and then we had to go back to school for rehearsal.
(i'm doing spotlight for Into The Woods!)

After rehearsal it was time.
This was the first time my mom wasn't around while I made it..
i can do this...
I realized I ended up adding 1 cup of flour instead of the 2 cups it called for...
and you know what??
I think it's the best it's ever tasted!!
(probably because it's so moist :D)
So a very good day to say the least

Thank you for this warmer weather, God!
Hope it sticks around, and hope you're enjoying it too!!

Why yes, i would LOVE to jump over the fence and run through that beautiful field!


Saura Lnow said...

ah I'm taking that ACT again next month... maybe I'll score a few points higer this time :)

Whitney said...

i know i would...the field of flowers comment...

Ethne said...

as dad said:

you probably made a 72. They gave you a couple extra points just for being cute. ;)

Hair-Bo said...

I second that, Ethne ;)