Birthday Birthday Birthday Birthday Birthday....

fine, fine...
so i was excited about my birthday!

The big 1-7

I've been slackin on my blog posts, and reading posts.

So let me tell you how my wonderful day went....

Slept late--always nice when in need of sleep!
Caleb, my "sweet" brother went and got cinnamon rolls for me
while i freshened up and took a shower.
{while i was away in the shower, i got a lovely phonecall}
Ate the delicious cinnamon rolls,
drove to Greenhills to eat lunch with my mom!
(she's been away at work for 3 weeks, so I'm glad she's back in Nashville)
After lunch, came home,
then met J.D. Katie (and River) and Brennan and Khara (family friends)
at Mellow Mushroom, and then we walked around downtown franklin
{did i mention the weather was GORGEOUS?!}
After dtf, we met my beautiful mom and the baby she nannies at the park near our house.
{once again, the weather. was. beautiful!}
A little girl came up to me when she was hurt and put her arms around me.. it was sooo sweet!!
So after this, I had to go back to school for Into The Woods.
Lots of fun goin on there :)
After the play (which had the best crowd!)
We headed over to the Guido's house for DELICOUS food,
then a few friends
(Amy, Natalie, and Delaney)
and I went over to Amy's house for the night.
We talked and talked and laughed and stayed up waaaaay too late..

{p.s. the lovely phonecall from the Porter family + Laura + Wesley + [others?] made me miss them so so much! then to top it off, Mary-John called, asked a question, hung up. my thoughts? sad. sad. sad.. did my best friend really forget my birthday?? of course not. She called back a couple minutes later giving me the BEST BEST BEST happy birthday phone call ever!! Screaming, yelling, shouting, singing, all at the same time Happy birthday call that absoluetly just MADE. MY. DAY!}

I'm so blessed to have the friends and family I do.
So blessed by God to have another year.
Thank you, Lord, for everything you've blessed all of us with :)

Have an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day!

{and to Mary-John.. I love you, have fun away on your spontaneous roadtrip!!!}


Saura Lnow said...

I'm glad you like our phone call :)
We had a lot of fun doing it!

Whitney said...

um. I fail.

I should've called you.
I have NO idea what happened to me.
like i was taken by aliens. prettyyy much. Ok.

Well. I DID blog about you.

But. I'm still sorry.

I love you bunches and more bunches of oats...


Max-Frederick said...

yeah whitt.. don't feel too bad, i had a whole post dedicated to me :)
love y'all!!

chelsea rebecca said...

i'm glad your day was so wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

hahah....Chelsea it was just The porters - Amy + Wesley + Laura...thats all.You didn`t answer so Laura was like..
"are we going to leave a message?"
Right about the time your message machince picked..AHHH

So we sang you a happy birthday.We were on the way to Blue Ridge.Why am I telling you all this?

I don`t know either.

Hair-Bo said...

You got a freakin' boatload of air in that pic, Fred.

Whitney said...



just sayin'...