What a Day!!

{Nashville the beautiful}

This morning I woke up a little after 9, got ready and drove to school.
"But Chelsea, it is Saturday!!"
Into The Woods opens in 2 weeks (aaah!)
I'm not in it, but I am helping with the tech stuff.
I get to do spotlight!!
Anyways, so I was helping out our theater teacher all day, (along with many other great helpers)
and it was fun.

After that I came home.
Got ready.
Went to the Frist art museum!
I had a piece in the W. county art fair..
Pretty sweet...
There were some awesome pieces there!!

{my piece is that flower}
So after the Frist, I drove home on the interstate
But--before we went home, i made a stop by Best Buy
and gave in and bought 2 Ray Lamontagne cds..
oooh Ray, you make my knees go weak.
His voice.. his voice..
Jordan and I once looked him up on Google to see if he was a good guy
We believe him to live up to the standards of "Good Guy"

And now I'm home..

But the weather today, was fantastic!!
I wore a dress.. without tights :)
Oh Spring, please come soon.
We'd like to see your beautiful flowers and trees blooming, and feel warm sunshine on our skin.
So please hurry... or at least stay and not turn cold!!

{in Nashville}


Anonymous said...

love the photos!

chelsea rebecca said...

love your outfit!
and congrats on having your art at the frist! that is so incredible!

p.s. tell me when people can vote for your shirt!! its so wonderful i know you are gonna win!

Max-Frederick said...

thanks you both :)

and chelsea (if you read this)
i have to fix some things before i send it in for realz, so it may be a couple more weeks!

thank you soooo much!!

The-Half-Thief said...

Ahh! I like the flower.
The pictures! Who took them?