His music makes me happy,
and I fall in love with his voice everytime I hear it..

Who is it?

James Morrison

this guy:
And he's not one of those, oh my gosh you are absolutely picture perfect gorgeous kinda people.... but.. something about him is so attractive.
Go look up his music right now.
Free.napster.com is where I'm listening to it,
so far all the songs on the album are absolutely awesome!!

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Nasada said...

he`s not so attractive to me...just my opinion. :D

elliebird said...

dude..i dunno about the attractiveness part, but he's got an awesome voice! i love Wonderful World by him. it's like...my song. even though the words don't really apply to anything in my life right now. it's just so...peppy.

Max-Frederick said...

That's why i said he's not like... obvious attractive.. and he doesn't have to be cute to everyone.... but.. i dont know why, but i think he is!!

Johnnie said...

ah. his voice. his voice. his voice.