What a weekend.

So the weekend started with Friday.
Joyride 2009.
Donny & the Dodgeballs were amazing!!
Mary-John played awesomely on the fiddle :)
And Act of Congress.
I've heard a few songs, but I fell in love with them that night.
Adam's voice is so beautiful.

So that was Friday.
On Saturday, let's see... what did we do...
We saw Stacey's wedding dress, beautiful.
Then that afternoon Maggie, Mary-John, The Porters, Laura and her mom and nephews, and I all went to see Where The Wild Things Are.
It was really good!
But. I was a little disappointed.
I wanted there to be more closure, and a little bit happier.
So after the movie, everyone came over to the Blevins' house and we had chilly (is that how you spell the food?)
And we had delicious brownies.
OH! and then.
then Caleb and Asa got out their longboards.
We had so much fun on those things!!
Even though they still had to hold on to our arms while going around the curve, it was still so much fun!!
I felt like a real skateboarder ;)

On Sunday, we went to church, and then after church, Mags, Mj, Brent, and myself hung out around Jasper. We went to the park. Too cold.
Then we went to the playground next to the Porter's church.
We swung.
And it was very enjoyable!
Then we went to church that evening (first pres./ the Porter's church) and shall I say it again? we had fun.
I wish I could elaborate more, but I must go now.
Today is Wesley's birthday!!!
Happy birthday Wesley!
And, have a beautiful day everyone!!


Saura Lnow said...

I missed brownies AND longboards???? haha

....oh yeah, it's spelled chilli =)

Anonymous said...

is that why yalls car was parked at our church?

Max-Frederick said...

You missed all the fun! ;)

chilli. right.

Yeah, that's why, we were there for a while..

elliebird said...


man, that sounds like so much fuunn!

Whitney said...

Hm, I'm just gonna act like our time spent together didn't exist...clearly that's what you're doing.
Ok. Love you too.

Max-Frederick said...

whitney, if you didn't notice, i left a whole day out, because i had to go!!!
love you too! :)