Scattered Thoughts

Ever since last weekend,I've been a little bit obsessed with Fiction Family (never heard of them? listen to them http://free.napster.com/view/artist/index.html?id=12697213 <--here) I changed River's daiper for the first time, and I think it's one of the first times I've changed a diaper ever... I know, judge me as you will, but, I had no younger siblings to change, or younger cousins for that matter... and the little ones I was around.. there were other people to change them. Maybe one time YEARS and years ago, i kind of changed one, but it was just putting the daiper on.

Perhaps all this nonsense of writing is just an excuse to put some pictures and hope for an interesting post to come out of it all. Possibly I'm avoiding homework. Most Likely it's a combination of boredom, the two suggestions above, and a need to post.
And you know what?? Don't you love when you just see some beautiful picture? I just want to find some beautiful pictures to look at. Why? I have absolutely no idea..

I love Caleb! (He's standing in the kitchen making weird faces...) And... he just screamed (he's back in his room now..)

I'd like to learn the piano part of Charlie by Ingrid Michaelson. it's just cool.

Can I live here??


Saura Lnow said...

if you lived there then I would probably never get to see you :)
...but it is a cool house

Whitney said...

Um. I love River!
Ahaha. You'll be changing lots of diapers now!!!

And if you lived there, I would move in with you. (I know this sounds cliche and you'll think, "Oh, Whitney..." but...a recording studio in a house like that would be amazing! AND an art studio!)

Max-Frederick said...

Yeah... what i failed to mention was that i would have company for weeks at a time.. and they would rotate... so Laura, I would get to see you a lot still, and Whitney... we could make MASTERPIECES!!