So. It's homecoming this week!!
(i just feel like i really need to post!)

It's been tons of fun,
our theme for dressing up have been
monday: '20s
tuesday: '50s
wednesday: '60s (which is what i really dressed up for, go hippie!!)
thursday: '80s (which i'm pumped about too!!)
friday: SPIRIT DAY!!!!!!!!!!
And the homecoming parade!!
It really is part of highschool that you'll look back on and be like,
"Yeah, that was awesome. We all came together and had SO much fun!"
So I'll be going to float building in a bit.

This weather cleared up and ended up being a GORGEOUS day!!!!!!

Have a beautiful day!

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Saura Lnow said...

haha please tell me you took pictures of hippie day :D