Say what??
2 more years til the end of the world?!?
just kidding. I don't actually believe that.
it is EXTREMELY crazy to think 2010 was here... i mean, man, those good ole 90's days... those were the bomb... the first decade of the new millinium was packed with so much stuff.. i can't even remember most of it.
But a great way to bring in the new year is to spend it with your best friends, the best people.
That's how we celebrated..
ate good food, danced, fireworks, good music, laughter, movies, just good ole fun time.
It was awesome.
And I thank God for this beautiful new year, that i'm sure will be filled with so many memories and blessings.
I'm off to Memphis today.
To you:

happy new year!!!

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Anonymous said...

i heard morgan danced?