Feet Jackets

Shoot... I completely forgot what i was originally going to post about.. it was going to be pretty good too...
Oh well.
So. I'll just start writing.
Socks, step aside, you have a new nickname. Feet Jackets!!
(thank you jordan for your....interesting exaggerations and expression of inanimate objects..)
(ahem... soggy lettuce, pepper storm, feet jackets... you get the idea)
Um... I'm no rapstar, but for theater today, my partner Jay Brown and I rapped.
We wrote this... interesting rap about the play Everyman..
So I've sort of been dreading having to actually rap my part of it..
Long story short, we pulled it off together, and we did get quite a few laughs.
(it's hard to picture me being a rapper, right!? well no worries, i wasn't the greatest at rapping, but i did my best.. ish)
My friend Emily Redmond video-d it and I'm going to see if i can get it on here.
Dear Nashville-Franklin area is expecting a Wintry Storm in a day or two!
(I did not know that's how "wintry" was spelled.. I would have said wintery.. but i guess that one's right too.)
Anyways, I just needed to post.
aaaand.... i'll try and add the video later, there's complications.
Have a beautiful day!

(delicious chicken casserole tonight! classic Pritchett favorite!)


Saura Lnow said...

Feet Jackets .. that's awesome ... I will probably call them that on occasion :)
oddly enough I can kind of picture you rapping ... it's a very strange and funny mental image ... I have this picture of you in a huge hoodie with a hat on backwards :)

okay that comment was longer than I thought it was going to be

Whitney said...

hehehe. Feet jackets...hehehe.

i already told you.
but amy did a good job on that picture...

chelsea rebecca said...

oh goodness i'm dying!! this is too funny! feet jackets?! such a better name!!
and lady you better put that video on here! too funny!!! i love a good rap!
and i love a good casserole! i miss homemade meals.
p.s. have fun on your day off! extremely jealous!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, feet jackets. You could be onto something here.

Max-Frederick said...

I wish i could take credit for "Feet Jackets"
but all goes to my brother..

And yes!!
snow day!!

I'm gonna try my best to get the video loaded on here, but it's not opening up on the computer.