THIS is my...
{drum roll please............}
[not only that, it is almost the 100th day of the 100th year of school!!]

Happy 100, blog.

So along with the happy, here's a list of
things that make me happy:

-the way a big pot of pasta looks when it's cooking
-loud & crazy family events
-being with best friends
-when my 22 year old brother acts like 5 year old
-warm, clean sheets. (that smells soooooo good)
-walking down the detergent aisle :)
-colored pens!
-finishing an art project
-opening the window on perfect weather days and watching my sheer curtains sway with the breeze

Ok, it's not the greatest list in the world... but at least it's something!
Have a Beautiful day!!


elliebird said...

woohoo! happy 100th, max!

oh! wait! *that's* what you smell like! detergent! supremely delicious, sweetly scented, baby detergent!.....yumm...

are you going to be at adam and emily's wedding? i want to test my theory.

Whitney said...

i like happy lists...
i might have to do one!


Max-Frederick said...

Do one whitt!!
ellie--i love the smell of detergent.. so i hope i smell like it :)

yes, i'm planning to be there, and you too?>

chelsea rebecca said...

HAPPY 100th!!!
i luurrrve happy lists!
and popsicles and colored pencils are the best!! and hooray for 80 more says left of school {almost!}