My Declaration.... of sorts :)

I went on a rant... or maybe you could call it a proclamation, or declaration...
That sounds original, right??
But i was thinking...
[not to mention avoiding the homework sitting on the table]
What if I wanted to pursue a career in art, instead of nursing!?
[it was here my mother gave me a bit of "the look" for all those who know her, you know that look]
What if I just wanted to be a nurse because my beautiful mother was a nurse??
What if, what if, what if!?
Now, I was mostly joking... but the thoughts have occurred before..
I'm still going to go into nursing, because I feel I could do very well in that field, and we would work well together..
AND it's a very flexible job, it's a great job!
But I vow NOT to let my art and music {and yes, you too, blog} fall to the wayside.
Art is something I enjoy, and do in my free time.. so maybe perhaps i wouldn't enjoy it as much if i was forced to do it all the time... who knows...
BUT needless to say,
these rants and ravings mostly sprout from the urge to do anything possible
to avoid it.
I like to go on long, needless spiels occasionally...
One time, I went on a rant about the bathroom
and how I wanted to have my own bathroom, when it was perfectly logical for it to be that way
the boys have their bathroom, and I would have mine..
simple enough..
stupid, I know...
But that's how it goes sometimes..
sooooooo I need to get some sleep.

{Cades Cove, TN}

{4 days until the formal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}

1 comment:

Whitney said...

Hehe. I knew that. Geez child, just pray about it and see where God leads you.

But, independence is a good thing.

4 DAYS!!!!!!!