Saturday, what a day!

This past week has not been the best week and today I was determined to change my sulky mood.
To do so, I...

-slept in until about 9:15
-Read my bible in bed (Psalms 31, very good, also Proverbs 15:1, always a good one)
-sewed a little bit
-ate some cereal and a banana (the perfect ripeness)
-washed my face, brushed my teeth, (a feeling of fresh and clean!)
-put on leggings and a dress (dresses/skirts always seem to make a girl feel prettier & happier)
-picked up some pictures from Walgreens
-picked up some BEAUTIFUL flowers (Gerber Daisies) from Publix (inspired by this girl, go read her blog, it's awesome!)
-talked to friends on the phone.

And now, I'm going to finish eating (a delicious bowl of spaghetti & parmesan) and follow the example of a friend and do something productive--AWAY from the computer!!

Hope your day turns out to be Happy and Beautiful. :)

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chelsea rebecca said...

AH hey THAT's ME! aren't flowers the greatest! i love gerber daises! they didn't have any when i went so i'm slightly jealous of yours!! i'm sorry about your not so great week, but i love all the things you did to make it better. and i hope next week is better!! and seriously whenever i'm feeling bummed-fun dress are the way to go!! and you can't go wrong with cereal! {was the banana a tad green at the top!? cause thats my fave}
anyway you are way too cute&sweet and i hope the rest of your weekend in absolutely delightful!