Do the things that scare you.

About a month ago I decided to do this.
I'm not the first one to jump up and accept a challenge or take lead of a situation.
I am not the first one to go sky diving or take risks.
But there will come a time when I'm going to have to do this.

So I adopted this idea to take more risks (reasonably), to do things that scare me, 
to (as cheesy as it is, i know) LIVE!

One of my roommates has this thing where she has to do spontaneous things in order to feel like she hasn't wasted these precious days we have.

So if I can take a little bit of her philosophy, mixed with my own ideas, 
I can take on this challenge to do scary things.
It makes life more interesting too.

I am a teaching assistant.
It scares me.
That's what keeps me doing it.

What scares you?


Rachel said...

I am scared of truly opening myself up to someone I deeply care about, I'm talking about opening up to the things that I've so carefully placed inside me and kept control over. I'm slowly getting better, and with that comes a sense of trust that I didn't know before. May seem small and silly but that's the first thing I thought of :)

And I love your new philosophy, making the most of the life we've been blessed with is so important,even if it means doing something scary- big or small!

Chelsea said...

Rachel, it's nice to know someone else feels the same way!!

I totally understand.

Jessica Wray said...

I love this post! 6 months ago I would have said sleeping in my apartment alone. Whenever my roommate would be gone, I'd stay at my parents like a big baby. I forced myself to face that fear and now I kinda like being alone... sometimes.


Mary-John said...

im scared to admit that I'm scared to fail. because that in itself shows weakness...

die to self and in Christ alone am I perfect.