Blanket Forts of Sorts

Yesterday was my roommates birthday.
So naturally, me and the other roommates wanted to make her day special.
What could we do??
Build a blanket fort, of course!!

And so I set out to find the inspiration I'd found a couple months back through these photos.

This amazing fort was built by my very own Mary-John and Maggie.
Beautiful, isn't it?
Yes, That's a porch swing supporting the middle section, and there was even a skylight!
It was pretty brilliant, and I wish I could have seen it in person, but I only saw through skype. 

These next few are just pictures I'd found through google.

Someday I will build this with my person and we will have a sleepover.
It's so dreamy!

This one just seems like the epitome of the perfect fort chaos!!
I love it!

 The string lights really do make a big difference.

And So this is our fort!!
We went through quite a bit to get to the final product.
(There was an incident with a nail and hitting my finger with a hammer and the entire fort falling..oops)

So there it is! From three different views.
It's just fun to have this in a home.

And now we'll have to make a few adjustments so that people can easily walk through from the foyer to the bathroom/kitchen/bedroom areas.

But to say the least, we have a wonderland in our living room and it made for a very happy birthday!

Have a beautiful day!

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