Do it.

You know you wanna leave a little comment.... look back at the last post. maybe it scares you. all the more reason to do it. ;)

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Anonymous said...

I'll confess that I'm afraid of being in front of people. Next semester I have to give my doctoral seminar in front of my class and a board of professors. I've been dreading that for more than 2 years now. Next summer I'm moving, maybe 3 hours from home. My life is changing, and that scares me. I believe we fear change because we can't always control it. But we aren't meant to have control over every aspect of our lives, because if we did we wouldn't need faith. If we have faith that God is in control, then we know things will work out. In fact, it'll be better than if we were in control. Sorry for the long post, but your previous blogpost was just what I needed. Thanks Chelsea, sometimes you inspire me.
Andrew Herrin