Another Month

It has been a month since I've been home.
Man, did I miss it.
And what is the craziest of all is how much little August and River have grown!!!
River has seriously become a kid, rather than a toddler.
And August has just grown up so much too.
He just turned 1 this past week and I can't believe my little buddy is that old already.

I'll say it.. It makes me feel old.
I just hate that I have to go a whole month between seeing them...
It's just not okay. Especially when I was there for the entire first 2 years of River's life.
So to have to miss all of the new little happy things he discovers.

But anyways, I suppose that's part of life, and just as long as they remember and know me as the best and favorite aunt in the world, I'm okay with that.

So blessed!

P.s. there's just nothing like sitting down the piano here and feeling that music

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