Impromptu Shoots

{photo cred to Maggie Blevins}

This weekend Whitney, Maggie, and Mary-John both came up!!
I missed them.

Friday night Whitney, several other girls and myself all went out to eat at Jim 'n' Nicks, then followed that with a trip to Urban Standard. 
Ah, it was so good, so fun!!
(and whitney was right, their latte is good! especially with vanilla)

And then Saturday I went up to the lake with Mary-John and Maggie!
Maggie did a fall photo shoot with Mary-John, 
Let me just say, oh my goodness.
Maggie is insanely talented, plus her model was just gorgeous. 
So later that day, Maggie had her backdrop set up, and Mary-John and I grabbed a couple of hats and Maggie started taking pictures like the one above...

...and this one...

There were so many ridiculous photos.

What a fun weekend! 
And now I have to crack down and get some serious studying on.

Have a wonderful week!

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