Chinese for dinner tonight!
(woohoo, mama's gone, we can pig out!! just kidding :D )

Will my tummy be mad at me later? perhaps... but it tastes good for now!

(how many times have I posted about Chinese food?? at least twice, not including this time i think)

Hopefully going back to school tomorrow,
then leaving for Alabama tomorrow evening with the whole family!
Wedding Saturday!! exciting!!

And speaking of weddings, I want this wedding dress. Badly.
slay me, it's gorgeous!!

Have a beautiful day!


Saura Lnow said...

Haha Chinese food is amazing...it deserves many wonderful thought. I wonder how far ahead you can order a wedding dress ??

chelsea rebecca said...

chinese food! oh goodness.. it's 1 am and right now NOTHING sounds better than some good ole greasy chinese food. ahhh. curse having no money!
but on a lighter note, HOORAY for weddings. i am seriously so jealous. i hope you dance and dance! and just love all the love going around!
"slay me. it's gorgeous" yes, i just died laughing!! you're too cute.

Rachel said...

ooooh my chinese food and a simply elegant dress. I want them both :)

and have extra fun at the wedding for me... :( silly distance between me and AL...

Max-Frederick said...

oh dude. I'll have so much fun for you :D
chelsea, i CAN'T WAIT FOR THE VALENTINE!!!!!!!!!!!
I want that wedding dress.
if i could order it now, laura, i would!!!