Naps are beautiful

Seriously... If you haven't taken a nap, you should.
they. are. so. nice.
All day at school I wanted to fall asleep in class (i kind of have a fear of falling asleep in class just in case i drool or do... something else in my sleep)
So when I got home, the first the my mom said (besides hello) was guess what we're doing!
going to the Y!!! (to work out) (yay...)
I said I was so tired... so she told me to go to my room and take a nap "right now!"
So... I did.
And. It. Felt. So. Nice.
An hour and a half!
I haven't had a nap in so long, seriously.. it was great!
Ok.. So i hope everyone has a great day!


Saura Lnow said...

Naps in the middle of the day make me cranky .... which really stinks because they're so nice...until I wake up

chelsea rebecca said...

YES! i rarely take naps but i did today and it was so special and simply wonderful!

Ethne said...

oh... now "working out's your favorite!" ??


uuugh. naps are amazing.... wonderful. wonderful. wonderful. the sunflowers in that chelsea rebecca's picture make me really happy. ^ she's cute.

you're cute. i miss you! see you saturday!

(and i've never seen a cranky laura snow)

Max-Frederick said...

Mj... notice i was very very reluctant to go work out.. and we never did! (woohoo!!)
ha. ha. you are so. funny.

Cranky Laura snow?!

I know... she's awesome!!
(you should really go read her blog if you haven't.. it's happy, it would make you happy)

Saura Lnow said...

that is because you've never seen me after I've had a nap :)