Why... why do i always do this!?
I don't really...mean to procrastinate...
There's just... so many other things to do!

But I also like to think I do better under the pressure.
My brothers say the same thing.. maybe it's just a family thing :)
So I should probably get back to writing my history outline.
It's on the development of photography between 1900 and 1945.
So... It'll be interesting, so hopefully I can get this (plus another math project, it's easy) done before midnight! :)
She loves her Daddy and Mommy!

Isn't she adorable?! i love her!
This is River's pirate face :)

So anyways... there's a few little pictures.
Goodnight to you!
(hopefully to me soon too)


Rachel said...

ahhh yes Procrastinating, this my dear friend I can fully relate to!!
Sometimes...( actually the majority of almost all the time) there are just so many other things that seem SO much more important then schoolwork ( aaand by gosh sometimes they are!!)

Lovely pictures, River is so beautiful! and she is gonna fit right in with those faces ha ha =]

Hair-Bo said...

Right there with you, Fredy. (Can I call you Fredy?)

Tell River I said, "ARRR!"

WV - retaxe

Ethne said...



(man, i love that one)

Elizabeth said...

Pirate face...the best!

Max-Frederick said...

HAHAH ellie, that's HILARIOUS!
Rachel, it was your post about procrastinating yesterday, wasn't it?
(i believe i was procrastinating at that time :D)
Fredy is absolutely fine!
Pirate face is my fave too!