Write write write write write

Do you ever have those days when your mind is just full of... stuff.
All you want to do is write about it,
write, write, write, write, write, write....
Well, I usually write it out in my journal, which is at my other grandmother's house right now.
And I can't really write everything I want to on here. (in public... haha)
I'm at my maw-maw's house...
and so it's not the most entertaining thing in the world (but I know she loves us just being here)
sooo i entertained myself by opening up an old friend... PAINT!!
here are some creations (ok, ok, you can make fun, i know, but they kept me entertained)

(i like this one the best :D)

Have a great day!!


Saura Lnow said...

This make me want to open the paint program :)
I haven't played with paint in years

chelsea rebecca said...

OH i love paint!! we recently just became the best of friends again!! and i am so jealous of you being at your grandmothers! i so want to be at mine's right now!

{and i have a personal journal too. its just so freeing and wonderful, i love just writing my stream of consciousness. i usually go back and read it and think how silly and trivial i am but in that moment.. its perfect!}