The Bread of Friendship

I wanted to post about this too...

I've taken on a... (I fail at finding the right words.. a LOT) challenge?
Sure that works.
I've taken on a challenge.
My sister (in law) Katie gave me 2 bags of amish friendship bread.
I was suppose to give one away to one of my friends, but I don't have any friends (just kidding)
So, They made their loaf on Monday, and apparently it didn't turn out as well as the one they had gotten from their friend..
(and this did not boost my confidence about the whole bread making thing)
I'm not much of a cook, but i'd really like to change that!
I always say "i should cook more" but do i?
(I hate to admit it, but I'm a little bit lazy :-/ )
So, this is going to be a challenge that i WILL defeat! and come out on top! (hopefully)
I have to make it every 10 days.
Every day I have to "squish-squash and mash" the bag of stuff and on the 5th day (that's tomorrow) i add stuff to it, then on the 10th day it's magical bread making day!!!!
We'll see how it turns out
(i might not have been keeping the air out of the bag like i should.. oops!)

If anyone has any tips... let me know!

(it's really sweet to see all the boys playing out in the common area, just like the boys that used to live here did many, many years ago)

Okay, Going to practice "Eet" on the piano!!

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chelsea rebecca said...

mmmm friendship bread! delish! post some pictures when you tackle this feat! i know you can do it! {that was insanely afterschool special.. but its true!}