Hhhhold me, dave

The Snow is melting...
I can't go to school, I feel better, but little stomach is a bit unreliable.
I need some black tights.
Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins and a Banana for breakfast!
(very delicious!)
Looking forward to the wedding on Saturday, and praying that I'll be able to go!!
After a 14 month engagement, and several, several years of just being together, it's crazy to think that our dear friends Adam and Emily are finally
getting married!!
It's hard to imagine the two of them not together.
So I'll be praying for y'all.
And it's gonna be an awesome wedding, so much fun, can't wait!

my favorite station right now is Joshua Radin, and John Mayor is good too.

And. Dave Barnes' new cd comes out in April. SO excited!!!
My love!!
Any of y'all who haven't, you should go watch some of his videos, he's hilarious...
Like this one for example...
Like little.. emails to ma heart

seriously... Go watch.
(that one takes place in the beautiful Franklin!)
(and make sure you watch to the end)


Saura Lnow said...

"Hold me like a bear hold an Eskimo....before he eats him alive!"

chelsea rebecca said...

LEMON POPPY SEED MUFFIN!!!! AHHH! that sounds so good right now!! congrats to adam and emily! i loooove weddings. how could you not?!
and i'm all about pandora so i'm going to add the joshua radin station right now because i adore him.
hope you feel better!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! That video was great!!

Ethne said...

people who comment anonymously are sketchy.
sketchy sketchy.

Max-Frederick said...

pretty sure i know who anonymous is.
but i don't know why anonymous would be anonymous if anonymous has a profile.